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>>The Sheffield Roll of Honour

This list, pays tribute to the men, women and children who died in Sheffield during the Second World War, it was compiled in the first instance by the Imperial War Graves Commission.

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>>Marples List

This list is drawn from the Sheffield Roll of Honour, and relates specifically to those people who lost their lives in the London Mart Hotel (Marples) Fitzalan Square 12th December 1940.

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>>Sheffield Blitz Bombing Map

A full size map showing the locations of where the bombs fell in the Sheffield Blitz.

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>>Green Goddess Inventory

The Auxiliary Fire Service was formed in 1937, and for many years had only the use of AFS and NFS war-time vehicles, however, it was very clear at that time the demand of another war (the 'Cold War') would require a different and much larger fleet of firefighting vehicles.

Initially the appliances were in rear wheel drive only (the 'S' chassis), and later, the majority, as 4x4 (the 'R' chassis), and by the mid 50's delivery of the new Bedford emergency pumps nicknamed later as the "Green Goddess" commenced with a vast majority going straight into storage where they would remain for until 2004.

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>>Sheffield Fire Brigade - 1969 Establishment

A "Snap Shot in time", showing the establishment of the Sheffield Fire Brigade in 1969.

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>>Mi Amigo Plane Crash

A brief summary detailing the event that occurred in Endcliffe Park on 22nd February 1944.

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>> Open Circuit Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus

Normalair compressed-air breathing apparatus

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>> Closed Circuit Oxygen Breathing Apparatus

Proto and Salvus closed circuit oxygen breathing apparatus sets

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>> Brief History of Breathing Apparatus

Extract - Manual of Firemanship - Book 6 - Breathing Apparatus and Resuscitation

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>>CFO's Report

Annual Report of the Chief Fire Officer for the year ended 31st March 1965

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>> Sheffield Spectator Cartoon 1969

Sheffield Fire Brigade celebrated their centenary this year and to mark the event, ‘Spectator’ cartoonist Joe Thomas visited Central Fire Station, Division Street, to sketch senior members.

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>>History of Doncaster Fire Brigade - Up to 1953

By H Jones Chief Fire Officer DMBFB