I would like to thank the following people for their assistance in gathering the information required to edit, and expand, the original book 'Sheffield Fire Brigade - A Brief History''.

John Hague - Co-Researcher , John has researched the majority of the news articles on this site, and it is his recognition of the importance of the social history contained in each of the articles that has brought the Sheffield Fire Brigade History project to life.

Ronald Weston, for supplying information and nominal roles for the 1940 to 1941, plus other historical information, and photographs, relating to Sheffield City Fire Brigade

Dave Lockwood, for supplying an original copy of the out of print book 'Sheffield at War', from which most of the 1939-1945 material originates.

Ken Mettam, the researcher in 1968, for the period from the early history of Sheffield Fire Brigade to 1966, which forms the bulk of the original 1969 book 'Sheffield Fire Brigade - A Brief History'. (With Mr Arthur Troy, the Clerk to the CFO, providing the text for the 1966 to 1969 period). Ken also provided his original written text which formed part of the 1984 time capsule buried in the now demolished Wellington Street Fire Station. This text detailed the period 1974 - 1984, without which, the 1974-1979 section of this project would never have been written, and uploaded.

Jane Salt, Sheffield Star, for setting me on the 1939 to 1945 information trail, for supplying news items about this period, and for allowing me to research the Sheffield Star archives.

Robin Wiltshire, Sheffield Archives, for all his help and assistance in guiding me through researching the Sheffield Police and Sheffield Fire Brigade files.

Peter Walker, for the photographs of Fireman Laurence Walker and Eric Searston.

Joanna Allanson, for the photographs of her great uncle Fireman Frederick Parkes Spencer, who died in the Sheffield Blitz on 12th December 1940.

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